Lewis Currie

My name is Lewis Currie. I am a 22 year old student at Glasgow Clyde College.

I have been studying Graphic Design for the last 2 years and over those 2

years I have learned about so many different styles of design. One design aesthetic which has always stuck out to me is neon sign designs. More

recently I went on a trip to Amsterdam. On this trip I got to see a huge variety

of neon signs. I am also a fan of the 80s style retrowave designs and these

often feature neon styles. 

My idea has come a long way through all the design processes. It has evolved and changed slightly at each stage. The client wanted me to go bold with my design so right away, I thought of the boldest idea I could relating to dusk. The idea was what comes after dusk, the darkness after dusk. This led to me creating neon sign designs which look like they could be seen on the side of a night club or strip club.

I thought that it was perfect as it related to dusk in the sense that these all appeared after dusk and I was really into creating a neon sign design. I had to make sure my idea could be split into 2 posters also. The idea was

perfect as I could just do 2 neon signs.


For the first neon sign I wanted to go classic with the ‘GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS’ design. This design has been made in many different styles so I had to be original. My other design was also a classic neon sign design. The design is the ‘LIVE NUDES’ text in the arrow. This design has been recreated many times also.

I made my arrow look different to all the others I had seen in my research and

also organised the text slightly differently. To keep my designs original, I also

made my own neon typeface.


The inspiration had come from a few weeks before when I went on a trip to Amsterdam. During the day it was a nice, calm city but at night the lights would come on for all the clubs and bars. The Red Light District would have signs similar to mine. The neon signs in The Red Light District were mostly red. These red neon signs could be seen above most windows and they were there to indicate that there was a prostitute in the window. The Red Light District was just a sea of neon lights, most were red but there was also a lot of green and pink.


The Red Light District is not the only thing which inspired my design. I took inspiration from designs I have looked at online in the past which I have liked. I have always been drawn to neon designs as I like that they can be used to light up a room or building exterior while at the same time adding a design aspect. I like how neon signs make colours look also. A red neon light will be bright and light up a whole area with ease in a bright red glow. My interest in neon signs stems from my interest in synth wave/retro wave designs. These designs try to look like they are from the 80s. They also feature a lot of neon effects.


The challenges which I had to overcome where what you would probably expect. I had to try to create a neon sign from nothing. I did plenty of research online to find out the best way to go about it and I decided to try it with Adobe Illustrator. The design in the end then is a vector graphic. I created the basic design then added the neon effects over the top. Another challenge I had to overcome was that my designs just looked like I had designed a neon sign when I should have made a design inspired by neon signs. The client suggested adding more features to my design that would be expected to go along with the text. For the ‘GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS’ design I added hearts at the top and bottom. For the ‘LIVE NUDES’ design I duplicated the arrow shape that surrounded the text and then made them into a pattern. These changes completed my posters.

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